Between Topics

The Economics programme at JC Economics Education Centre helps students to connect all the topics in the H1/H2 syllabus together. This is because we recongnize the importance of helping students see the links between topics. When students can appreciate the connection between topics, they become even more familiar with the syllabus. Moreover, Cambridge is favouring cross-topic questions and case studies in recent years. This means that students are expected to not view each topic separately as if they are wholly unrelated.

Between Concepts and Questions

Students often struggle to see the links between the concepts they learnt in lecture notes and the questions they see in their tests. This is due to a lack of drilling and is easily solved when students regularly practice. This process of practicing is made less painful as students are guided through each step of the way. Once they learn the skills necessary to see the relevance of what they have learnt within the context of questions, they can easily apply what they know to questions they have never encountered before.

Between Content and Answer

Students may know what to write, but not how to write and present their answers. Fluency and coherence is just as, if not more important than content and concepts since they will help the examiner understand what students are trying to say. Students need to learn how to paragraph and organise their points as well as how to write concisely and coherently. This maximizes their chance of doing well at the examinations.

Connect The Dots